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Our vision is to solve next-generation software problems by providing robust, user-friendly applications that make it easy for all users to tackle their issues head-on.

We believe that quality comes first when it comes to software - and that everybody should have the tools they need to make their software all it can be.

01. Planning

Empower yourself with insight on future trends of your budget and architecture.

02. Design

See current and past trends in your code and hone in on that perfect architecture.

03. Implementation

J3WT, Inc. also offers planning, design, and implementation services to best suit your needs.

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Measure Measure


Static code analysis that gives you the big picture and the nitty-gritty details all in one.
Measure gives you the power to scrutinize the fine points of your design metrics as well as history and trends to give you a plan.
Metrics with Measure Metrics with Measure


See trends in static analysis of your code.
Rank your code Rank your code


See files ranked by metrics score.
Web app development Web app development

Web app development

Elegant and responsive web app development.
Interactive mocks Interactive mocks

Interactive mocks

Create mocks and wireframes for clients.
Database Database


Database design and implementation for web-based applications.
Cloud Cloud

Cloud implementation and estimation

Guidance on cloud infrastructure and evaluating services such as AWS.

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Jason Pugh

Jason Pugh

Jay Wooten

Jay Wooten

Jared Stedham

Jared Stedham

Graham Rogers

Graham Rogers

Software Engineer

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